Timothy John Whittard


Tim Whittard is a mental health nurse by background with specialist interests in psychiatric intensive care and older age psychiatry. He began working for the NHS in 2004 and qualified as a mental health nurse in 2008 after receiving the ‘Gill Hek Award for Nursing Research’ alongside his diploma; he has since maintained contact with the grassroots of his profession, working as a front-line clinician in inpatient care in the roles of both staff nurse and charge nurse.

He has also worked as a lecturer for the University of the West of England and the University of Worcester, covering topics ranging from the assessment of mental and behavioural state, the management of violence and aggression in hospital and care settings, care planning, risk assessment and management, memory assessment, the transition from student nurse to qualified nurse and the application of clinical skills such as sharps safety. Additionally, he also works as a health and safety trainer in the private sector in the UK and has worked internationally in the role of a specialist consultant, applying knowledge of healthcare-related industry insights in the UK to assist clients in the USA and Canada in exploring opportunities to promote new biopharmaceuticals in the European marketplace.

An aspiring polymath with interests and qualifications in several other subjects aside from mental health nursing, most notably; parapsychology, philosophy of science, theoretical principles of hypnotherapy, artificial intelligence, the emerging applications of medicinal cannabis and also zoology/cryptozoology (with a specific focus on the study of anomalous predatory cats in Britain).

He has written and published several essays relating to mental health, nursing science, health science, higher education, psychology, abnormal psychology, therapy, public health and alternative medicine.


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