Dr. Daniel Masresha Amare


Name: Dr. Daniel Masresha Amare
Date of Birth: 1970
Address: Wollega University, Nekemte, Ethiopia
Telephone: (0911 907782) (0930662414), Email: dmamare@gmail.com
Educational Background and work address::
Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics, College of Agriculture and Natural Resource Management, Haramaya University, Haramaya, Ethiopia.
MSc. Agricultural Economics: Achariya N.G. Ranga Agricultural University, Hyderabad, India.
BSc. in Agricultural Economics: Haramaya University, Haramaya, Ethiopia.
Assistant professor in the Economics Department, college of business and economics, Wollega University.
Research Publications:
Determinants of the adoption of improved white haricot beans in East Shewa Zone, South-Eastern Ethiopia’. Daniel Masresha*, B Legesse, J Haji… - Journal of Development and agricultural economics, 2017 - academicjournals.org.

Impact of Livelihood Diversification on Rural Household Food Security: Evidence from Goncha-Siso-Enesie District of Amhara Regional State, Ethiopia.E Yenesew, D Masresha - International Journal of Agricultural Economics…, 2019 - article.agrecon.org

The patterns, determinants, and contribution of nonfarm activities in the rural rift valley areas of Oromia regional state of Ethiopia. In press article, Journal of Development and Agricultural Economics Daniel Masresha Amare. 2019.

Determinants of self-employment of urban elderly households in income-generating activities: The case of Nekemte town, East Wollega zone, Oromia region, Ethiopia, In press article, Journal of Development and Agricultural Economics, Masresha Amare Daniel Masresha Amare. 2019.

Smallholder Households' Technology Adoption, Efficiency and Welfare Effect Of Improved White Haricot Beans Production In East Shewa Zone Of South –Eastern Ethiopia. Doctoral Dissertation, 2018. Daniel Masresha Amare*, B Legesse, J Haji, L Zemedu. Haramaya University, Grin Publishing, https://www.grin.com/document/923699

Sectors of Self Employment of Persons with Disabilities in Urban Areas of East Wollega Zone, Western Oromia, Ethiopia. Empirical Findings and Recommendations. 2019. Grin Publishing, https://www.grin.com/document/923699.


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