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I am an environmental scientist with interest in Environmental toxicology, Analytical methods for environmental monitoring and environmental Biochemistry . I hold a Master of science in Environmental management with interest in toxicology and analytical methods.I possess very good knowledge on Conducting toxicological risk assessment, Environmental impact assessments and analysis of samples in the laboratory.further strong background of Biology, Chemistry and environmental sciences makes me fit to handle complex environmental problems within and outside the laboratory.currentry I am working as a teacher of Biology, Chemistry and intergrated Science and very much involved in material production where I have produced a pamphlet in pure chemistry and a practical manual in chemistry .Over the years I have received a number of awards in Biology and chemistry for producing quality pass percentage.In 2016 I was awarded for producing 92% pass percentage in Biology at grade 12. In 2017 I was awarded for producing 100% pass percentage in pure chemistry for grade 12 examination.In 2018 I was awarded for producing 100% pass percentage in Biology at grade 12.In 2019 I was awarded for producing 100% in pure chemistry at grade 12 and in 2020 I was awarded for been outstanding in organising jets in school at isoka boys provincial stem school.Recentry I have been involved in publishing where intechopen access invited me to contribute a chapter in the book project on insecticide and I have already contributed a chapter on mechanism and toxicity of insecticide which is yet to be published.I have already published a book on lead poisoning and environmental health with Lambert academic publishing the book which can be found at and have also published my dissertation with GRIN publisher and am currently working on the article on asbestos poisoning and another one on use of female condoms in isoka and the other one on the impact of coronary virus on the education sector in isoka district the work that i hope to finish and have it published by the end of this year 2021.

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I am a teacher of Biology , Chemistry and intergrated Science as full-time and a part time lecturer of Biochemistry, Biology and chemistry.I am also a consultant in environmental toxicology, Environmental risk assessment


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