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Born in Athens, Greece, I studied economics, agricultural policy analysis, marketing and communication with new technologies and human resources management (BSc, MSc, DProf). I am an author of more than 40 books specialized in economics, accountancy and management. I have been an MBA lecturer for 19 years and I have taught more than 800 students and seminar attendants.
I have worked as a Manager at Microsoft and other IT and Telcom companies. I am a registered consultant on entrepreneurship and innovation of European Union for small and medium enterprises and certified by Chartered Institute of Marketing. An active blogger, I write about economics at My articles have been published at numerous magazines, newspapers and blogs. About me and my books you may read at my blog:

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I am an experienced economist and MBA lecturer. I mostly teach accountancy, marketing and management.


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economics, accountancy, marketing, management, human resources management
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MSc, DProf, BSc
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