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Professor Dimitrios P. Kamsaris is Vice President to Bilston College. He is Diplomatic Geopolitical International Corporate Foreign Investment Advisor, providing Advises on Country Branding and Corporate Training to Multinational Companies. He has been delivering academic lectures and speeches at Universities worldwide since 1990, while simultaneously, he is active business professional operating as an Advisor of Petroleum Corporations in the various countries such as:
• UK, Denmark, France, Poland, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Romania
• KSA, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Egypt
• India, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam
• Tanzania. South Africa, Kenya
Also, Dr. Dimitrios Panagiotis Kamsaris is Senior Vice President of the International Institute of Marketing Professionals, Editor in Chief of the African Journal of Social Sciences and member of the Harvard Alumni.
He has experience in diplomacy, geopolitics, international business, negotiations, international trade and public relations and higher education. In the past, he had posts ranging from Sales Manager to CEO to various Multinational Companies such as Coca-Cola, Sherwin Williams, Shell and Olympic Games.
Academic Reviewer
ACBSP Region 8, Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs, Middle East
OBTC, Teaching Conference for Management Educators, USA
SMA, Southern Management Association, Savannah, Georgia, USA
Editor in Chief, African Journal of Social Sciences, Africa
Books and Published Papers
2021 Diplomacy and International Business: Bonded Together
2021 Cultural Diplomacy During Epidemic Outbreaks
2020 Diplomacy: Globalization and International Relations
2020 Cultural Diplomacy: Culture as a factor affecting Diplomatic tactics
2017 Executives’ eating patterns. Health and high productivity levels
2015 The Influence of Multi-Culture Effect on Organizational Culture and Communication: Multi-Culture Effect on Corporate Culture
2014 The Brain-Net of Communication
2014 Managers’ Brain Health and the Blood Sugar Destructive Effects: Blood Sugar Effects in Decision Making
2013 Mergers in Construction Project Management, Project Management Journal
2013 Engineers’ job satisfaction within projects developed by the international construction industry in MENA region, Project Management Journal
2012 Internal Enterprise Communication and its Organizational Culture, Global Journal of Management and Research January

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Dr. Dimitrios P. Kamsaris is Professor at Monarch University,Switzerland and Visiting Professor for Universities in Greece, Cyprus, Denmark and UK

Dr. Kamsaris has postdoctoral education at Harvard University.


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