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Hi, my name is Kim Ann Woodley and I'm a MA student at Bielefeld University in Germany. I'm excited to share my essays and term papers on Grin for others to benefit from them, too. Enjoy!


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I am looking for
job opportunities in Philosophy, information on Philosophy of Mind, information on career opportunities in Philosophy
I have to offer
special knowledge on Yoga/Meditation/Law of Attraction/various techniques to influence consciousness and unconsciousness (including topics like thought patterns and belief systems), analysing skills, language skills, empathic skills, mindset skills
Highest degree
Bachelor of Arts in Educational Science (Ethics and Literature as subsidiary subjects)
Yoga, eastern Philosopy, Philosophy of Mind, Ethics, Transsurfing, Meditation, Psychology, ancient History

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Institution / College Bielefeld University
Profession STUDENT
Author since 7/18/2018

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