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Dr. Sixbert Sangwa is a Rwandan Christian minister, Academic, Kingdom Entrepreneur and Non-profit Practitioner. Sixbert has extensive experience in managing economic empowerment projects in the humanitarian and development arena, through national and international NGOs. He leveraged his strategic and business development skills to become a caring SME consultant and is known as the founder of various entrepreneurial initiatives.

Today, Sixbert has remained instrumental to higher education in the fields of business, entrepreneurship and theology. He believes that the future of employment belongs to social entrepreneurship. However, he is concerned about the disconnect between faith and business, hence his continental mission to integrate faith and work.

Sixbert's education is twofold. His first secular degree is in Rural Development and Agribusiness. He holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and a Master of Arts in Online and Distance Education as well as a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) and a PhD in Entrepreneurship and Branding. His religious track yielded him a Bachelor of Divinity, a Master of Ministry, a Master of Theological Studies, a Doctor of Chritsian Business Administration and a PhD in Religious Studies.

As his research interests rest on general business management, open education and Christian affairs on the one hand, he is also open to offering advisory support in the same areas.

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