Magistra Artium (M.A.) Laura Scheriau


Laura G. Scheriau is a Language Specialist, offering language and teacher training as well as translations for Spanish, English and German.
She gained an integral Master's degree in German as a Foreign Language, Comparative and General Literature Studies and Linguistics of Modern German with extra credits in Literary Translation French and English to German, Early and Prehistoric Archaeology, Language Pathology, Phonetics and Phonology and Cultural Administration as well as Polish, Spanish, English and Korean Language Studies.
Laura's passion for writing and cultural activities was developed early on and encouraged her to work on school and university newspapers since the age of 15. She was always socially engaged in intercultural communication e.g. through the Mercator foundation's project for children and adolescents with emigrational background, or the EU funded "Youth in Action" projects with NGOs in Romania, Czech Republic and Azerbaijan to promote political and cultural awareness.
Laura has always enjoyed intercultural connections and has over the years developed many strong relationships through travel experiences all over the world and work in Germany, Mexico and the UK. After working several years in Mexico and travelling through the American continent, Laura is currently living in London, UK, and working as Arts&Culture Editor for The Mantle, New York, USA.

About Me

I am a highly motivated linguistic professional, working as Arts & Culture Editor for The Mantle and independently as a writer. I believe that cultural exchange and education are key agents towards a better future.


Employed at
The Mantle, mantlethought, Arts&Culture Editor, online magazine
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artists, activists, philosophers, critiques, new ideas, new opinions
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publishing possibilities, editorial know-how, translation skills, English, German, Spanish
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Master, Literature, Linguistics, German as a foreign Language
Culture, art, music, martial arts, travel, sports, literature

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Institution / College Saarland University
Employed at The Mantle, mantlethought, Arts&Culture Editor, online magazine
Author since 9/7/2011

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