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Author’s contract and fees

Here you will find an overview of the different contract options for your publication at GRIN. You can also view your author contract and get an overview of your author’s fee for selling your e-books and books.

In our help section we have also collected the most important questions and answers about the publication at GRIN as well as our author contract.

Contract Options

At GRIN, you can choose from three different options for your publication:

You earn from the sales of your bachelor’s thesis, housework or other texts. We pay you a high percentage author’s fee on a quarterly basis. Our fee rates can be found below.

You will receive your fees on the publishing fee from the first sale of your e-book. In our author section you will find all sales that have not yet been settled. Your fees will be paid to you on a quarterly basis.

Would you rather have a guaranteed fee? Then you decide on the one-time payment.

As soon as we publish your work, you will receive a one-time 10 Euros from us. These will be paid out to you with the quarterly fee statement. We take the risk and all costs.

You can also provide your knowledge free of charge. All interested parties can then read their homework, master’s thesis or other texts online free of charge. In addition, the works appear as a book and you will receive your author’s fee on the sales paid out quarterly. Book editions are also priced normally with this option, as they incur costs for the publisher when they are created.

Current author contract

This contract is valid since 01.06.2021, 17.00.

You can easily download our current author contract here:

Fee overview

If you choose our fee option, any sale of your title will be remunerated according to the following table.

You will receive your fees on the publishing fee from the first sale of your e-book.

The table is valid since 02.08.2021 11.15 a.m.

Author’s fee on e-book sales

  • 30%
  • 30%
  • 30%
  • 30%
  • Amazon Kindle, iBook Store, Google Play, Ciando, Pubbles, Libri, Genios, Other Distributors 15%
  • Fee bonus through partner links* +5%

Author’s fee on book sales

  • Via Books on Demand / Wholesale 15%
  • Via Amazon Marketplace 10%
  • 15%
  • 15%
  • 15%
  • 15%
  • Fee bonus through partner links* +5%

The publishing fee price is the selling price excluding the statutory value added tax as well as minus trade discounts, production and shipping costs.

The selling price can be determined individually by the respective dealer, unless the nationally bound selling price is required by law (book price fixing).

If an author chooses a one-time fee,the percentage compensation is for sales. In this case, the author will receive a one-time payment of 10 euros (depending on the country, if applicable 10 GBP, 10 CHF or 10 USD).

For sales in the context of a licensing to other publishers of the publishing group, the author receives 10% of the publishing fee. These fees are billed to the publishers once a year.

The annual billing mode also applies to subscription and subscription models, as well as various loan and retrieval models for libraries.

* If you link your texts to a partner code, you can get 5% extra on each text sold via this link. More information about the partner program here.

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