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GRIN is your research and publishing partner
- your platform for specialist information
and easy publishing

GRIN connects academic writers and readers!

We are Germany’s largest research platform for academic publications. GRIN offers you a wide range of specialist information from all scientific disciplines – from A like African Sciences to V like vetinary medicine. You’ll find over 250,000 publications for your reseearch in out shop. Stay up-to-date in your field of expertise!

GRIN also offers you a fast and free publication service. Publishyour work with GRIN. Your publication will be available in popular online shops worldwide as well as in local book stores. What’s more, every publication receives an individual ISBN. Simply upload university assignments, essays, final theses, etc., select a contract option and publish your work!

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Company philosophy

Get to know GRIN and learn what's important to us as a company.

Company philosophy

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Company history

GRIN builds on over 20 years of experience in online publishing. Take a look at the past years with us.


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Read the latest Press releases from GRIN and get in touch with us.


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Working at GRIN

Take a look behind the scenes at GRIN. We're regularly looking for new people to join our team!

Working at GRIN

Our websites

GRIN offers a wide range of services, no matter how far along you are in your scientific career. On our four websites,, and you will find exactly what you need.

Find out more about our websites here:

GRIN is Germany’s largest platform for academic texts.

Over one million people per month use GRIN for their research and publishing purposes. GRIN offers you over 250,000 specialist publications from more than 110 specialist fields. The offer includes technical books, theses, lecture materials and much more. is a platform for highschool and university students.

Here you’ll find seminar papers, project work, essays and much more. offers everything you need for your studies: an extensive research platform, help with your first assignment, and tips for scientific writing. offers high-quality academic theses.

Consult high-quality publications with scientific elaborations in various disciplines and subject areas for your research. Here you’ll receive sound sources for your own scientific work and keep up to date with your subject after you graduate. is Germany’s only platform for written instructions for vocational training.

Here you will find written elaborations for training purposes. The platform is aimed at trainers and instructurs and offers a wide range of instructions following a four-stage logic.

Our Imprints

Imprints are divisions of GRIN Verlag with clearly defined subject areas. In our four Imprints Studylab, ScienceFactory, EconoBooks and Social Plus, we only publish specialist books with cutting-edge and interesting topics.

The special thing about it: Each publication from our imprints receives an individual cover and logo. If you research in our shops, you’ll therefore see which publications are of particularly high standards.

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Popular topics, social issues and interesting solutions

More about our imprint Studylab

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Science Factory

Current issues, analyses and a wide range of topics

More about our imprint Science Factory

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Social Plus

Popular and basic issues arising in the field of social work, pedagogy, care work, etc.

More about our imprint Social Plus

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Helpful guidebooks for current economic issues

More about our imprint EconoBooks

Academic Plus

Excellent theses about current research topics

More about our imprint Academic Plus

Partners and cooperations

GRIN works closely with scientific institutions. We offer individual publication series for universities and colleges, support tutors and help the distribution of specialist knowledge.

Learn more about our activities:

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Our partners

Get to know our trade and cooperation partners.

More about our partners

What the experts say

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GRIN has created a considerable archive of knowledge.
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So, it can be quite lucrative to offer your own work on popular topics for sale. In any case, you can earn a little money by choosing the fixed price contract option.
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GRIN enables anyone to upload their work for free, whether they are a first year or doctoral student.

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