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Research & Buy

You only want to publish your term papers if you are sure it will pay off? Then it’s best to choose our  option of a guaranteed one-time fee. This means that you earn a binding 10 euros with your publication – regardless of whether and how often your text sells. With the guaranteed one-time fee, you play it safe and know exactly how much you will earn before publication.

Criteria for the one-time fee

Your text is suitable for publication with a guaranteed one-time fee if…

  • it was written in German, English, French or Spanish
  • the text document is at least 12 pages long
  • it is a complete, independent written elaboration (i.e. no lecture transcript, presentation or submission task)

A calculation example

If you upload four term papers and two essays to GRIN, you will receive 60 euros from us at once!

With a guaranteed one-time fee of 10 euros, you can afford more than you might think:

  • Invite your friends over for a pizza
  • Treat yourself to some comfort food
  • Buy yourself a book
  • Watch a movie or play
  • And much more!

And that’s without you having to do anything else. Uploading to GRIN is easy and takes less than five minutes.

Upload, choose a royalty option, sit back: Publishing a text on GRIN is quick and easy.

  1. Register for free and
    an academic text (ideally as a Word or PDF file). Here you will find our recommendations on the content and form of your text.
  2. Choose a royalty option: To earn a guaranteed 10 euros with your text, simply choose the one-time fee. Alternatively, you can earn money from every sale or publish open access.
  3. Lean back: We create your e-book and book, each with its own ISBN, equip your publication with a cover and publish your text in our online shop and worldwide distribution network.

GRIN is one of the leaders in providing academic texts and a pioneer on the digital book market. Benefit from our expertise and many years of experience.

  • Each text is formally checked with regard to our quality guidelines.
  • With over 20 years of experience, we offer you reliable and competent support in all matters relating to academic publishing.
  • GRIN is digitally connected to the German National Library, so all our publications are automatically listed there.
  • Transparency and service are more than just abstract terms for us: On one hand, we attach great importance to an understandable and clear royalty statement, in which the composition and billing of the fees is clearly visible, and on the other hand, we offer a well-available customer support including a free telephone number and fast response times to e-mail inquiries. On our hotline you will be looked after by our most experienced employees.
  • We also focus on professionalism, competence and appreciation in the training of our employees.
  • GRIN pays careful attention to compliance with the GDPR, which also means that we publish personal data in our texts (e.g. e-mail addresses) only after prior consultation with our authors.
  • We offer buyers secure shopping and independent buyer protection (TrustedShops).

Questions and Answers
for publication at GRIN

I don’t have the time and the know-how for a publication.

At GRIN, we are committed to making the publishing process as easy as possible for our authors. We’ll guide you through the publishing process. We only need three things:

  1. A text file of your work (Word, PDF, Pages, etc.)
  2. Some information about your text (subject area, type of text…)
  3. And finally, of course, your consent to the publication

I would like to publish my work, but I don’t want my name to appear.

No problem! At GRIN, you can decide for each of your texts individually whether you want to publish under your real name, a name of your choice or completely anonymously.

Which rights are transferred to the publisher?

You only assure us of the rights of use that we need for the worldwide distribution and sale of your title. The copyright is not transferable under German law and remains with you in any case.