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GRIN is your partner for your studies! Research our wide range of topics and easily earn money with your semester and final theses.

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PhD students

Publish your doctoral thesis for free to the largest provider of academic and scientific texts! At GRIN, you earn on every copy sold.

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Teachers & Students

At GRIN you will find Teaching materials for teachers and learning materials for students. Whether at school or at home, GRIN makes everyday school life easier!

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WITH GRIN, it's easyto make materials and scripts available to your students permanently – as an e-book and printed book!

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Specialist book authors

Authors are made easy! Benefit from 20 years of publishing experience, a large distribution network and our additional services for professional publication.

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Research Consultants

More than 200,000 specialist publications directly from the university – Find out about the latest research and survey results from your industry with GRIN Verlag.

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Ihr Wissen macht sich bezahlt

Kostenlos Texte veröffentlichen und Geld verdienen

Zahlen 1,2,3 und Richtig-Haken sowie Buch

3 einfache Schritte zur Veröffentlichung

Hochladen, Honorar-Option wählen – wir machen den Rest

Uhr mit wenigen Minuten markiert und Buch

Autor werden in nur 5 Minuten

Veröffentlichen Sie Ihre Texte weltweit mit ISBN

ISBN Strichcode

Ihr E-Book und Buch mit eigener ISBN

Professionelle, weltweite Veröffentlichung

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Über 20 Jahre Verlagserfahrung

Veröffentlichen Sie beim Profi für wissenschaftliches Publizieren!

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Schneller und unkomplizierter Zugriff

Ihr Draht in die Universitäten weltweit

Bildschirm mit aufgeschlagenem Buch und Pfeil nach unten auf einen Teller zeigend daneben

E-Books sofort herunterladen

Unsere E-Books stehen zum direkten Download zur Verfügung

Hand mit aufsteigenen pluszeichen in Kugeln

Über 200.000 Texte aus über 100 Bereichen

Recherchieren Sie zu allgemeinen und hochspezialisierten Themen

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Über 20 Jahre Verlagserfahrung

Qualitativ hochwertige Inhalte

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Sprechen Sie uns an!

Freundlich, kompetent und persönlich für Sie da

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GRIN has created a considerable archive of knowledge.
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So, on popular topics, it can be quite lucrative to offer your own homework for sale. In any case, a source of income is offered by the sale at a fixed price.
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At Grin, anyone can upload their work for free, whether they are first semester or doctoral student.

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5 Sterne Bewertung
You can publish your work quickly and it's not complicated. The Grin-team is very professional!
Arthur Gogohia
5 Sterne Bewertung
All TOP! The selection, the value for money, the overview in the shop and the delivery ... leave nothing to be desired.
5 Sterne Bewertung
The offer as a whole is very interesting, ordering and shipping worked very well. It almost makes you write a paper yourself so you can sell it. The concept makes sense. Wishing you success and all the best.
5 Sterne Bewertung
The ideal possibility to easily publish your texts, whether it be a simple text or a dissertation. It couldn't be easier!
Dr. Klaus Schliz
5 Sterne Bewertung
GRIN creates a high-quality, broad and easily accessible spectrum of knowledge. The editors and staff are always at our side with advice and deeds. Thank you, GRIN for the uncomplicated partnership.
Sarah Heitz
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GRIN offers a wide, high-quality range of scientific publications. Learn more about our selection process and our quality standards!

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About GRIN

GRIN is your reliable partner in the research of specialist information as well as the worldwide publication of scientific works.

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