GRIN is dedicated to the teaching of knowledge in the academic field. For us, this also includes close exchanges with student and scientific institutions. Here you will find an overview of our cooperation partners and projects.

logo e-fellows

Scholarship holders from the network of e-fellows publish at GRIN in their own series. These publications are of particularly high quality and provide new insights from all disciplines.

Logo HdM

GRIN cooperates specifically with lecturers of the University of the Media. IN addition, GRIN publishes thesis that has been developed at the University of the Media.

Logo IGW

At GRIN, IGW publishes up-to-date and high-quality textbooks in the field of theology. The publications include introductions to the Bible as well as topics of practical theology.

Logo University of Bremen

Since 2014, GRIN has been working with the Complex Decision-Making course at the University of Bremen. GRIN regularly publishes works that have been produced as part of the course of study.

Logo Medical School Hannover

GRIN has created its own series for the Institute for Epidemiology, Social Medicine and Health System Research at hannover Medical School.

Logo Unicum

Users of will receive a bonus of 2.50 euros for the first release. All published works also appear in the series “ – The Knowledge Series”.

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