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With GRIN Verlag, you publish
Your technical book professionally
and design it individually

Your textbook at GRIN Publishing

With GRIN Verlag, you can easily become an author and publish your textbook. GRIN is a reliable partner throughout the publishing process. With numerous premium services, you can design your textbook individually and receive marketing support. This is how you end up holding a high-quality book with ISBN in your hands.

That's why you should publish your textbook at GRIN

Over 20 years of publishing experience

Publish to the Professional for Scientific Publishing!

GRIN is a leading provider of academic texts and a pioneer in the digital book market. Benefit from our expertise and many years of experience.

Your work as a professional paperback

We print in a print-on-demand process in a resource-saving way

At GRIN, your text appears not only as an e-book, but also as a professional paperback with high-quality equipment.

Worldwide sales

Publish for free worldwide

Easily publish and profit permanently. We sell your e-book and book nationwide through hundreds of online shops and bookshops online or on site.

We are here for you!

Friendly, competent and personal author support

Do you have any questions? Our support team will be happy to help you with all topics related to publishing and researching on GRIN – by e-mail or on the phone.

Design your book individually

Additional service for professional publication

With our premium services, your individual wishes come true. Promote your book professionally and increase your chances of sales!

Here's how it works: From upload to finished book

  1. Register and
  2. Fee option
  3. We create your
    E-book and book
  4. Distribution
  5. Your fee
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Register and upload file

Click on "Sign in" and register with GRIN. You can then submit your manuscript directly to your account. To do this, click Select File and upload your Word or PDF file.

Honoraroption wählen

Choose a fee option

At GRIN, you can either earn on any sale, receive a guaranteed one-time fee, or offer your publication to readers for free. Choose one of the options - we'll do the rest!

Wir erstellen Ihr E-Book und Buch

We create your e-book and book

From your text file, our editors create a finished e-book and book with their own ISBN. We equip your publication with our own cover and publish your text in our online shop.

Weltweiter Vertrieb

Worldwide sales

The publication at GRIN includes not only our own shop, but also a worldwide distribution network of more than 300 online shops. Her book is also available at local bookstores.

Hohes Autorenhonorar erhalten

High author's fee received

Sit back and make money! If you choose our fee option, you will benefit from every sale. GRIN pays a high author's fee of up to 35%.

Successful authors - satisfied customers:

5 Sterne Bewertung
GRIN offers a personal, charming and professional all-round support for authors, thank you!
Dr. phil Kivi van der Neut
5 Sterne Bewertung
GRIN has been a loyal companion for me for many years when it comes to the reliable and cost-effective publication of my knowledge publications. It's a good feeling to be part of it...
Martin Krämer
5 Sterne Bewertung
I like Grin super well. Uncomplicated, competent, trustworthy. I am totally satisfied and have been with us for almost 3 years now. Can only recommend Grin.
Sabine Wittek
5 Sterne Bewertung
I have always been fascinated by the freedom of book design at GRIN. As an author, I remain authentic and create my own personal work!
Dipl. Merchant Klaus Emmerich
5 Sterne Bewertung
The GRIN-Verlag offers a professional service and increases the sales possibilities of my publications. What more do you want as an author?
Jan Henkel

FAQ – The most important questions and answers

All academic work, regardless of age and subject area, such as .B.

  • Housework and seminar work
  • Bachelor’s theses, master’s theses and diploma theses
  • Dissertations / Doctoral theses
  • scientific essays
  • Essays, lectures and interpretations
  • Lesson drafts
  • Books

In our service area you will find templates and instructions for writing academic papers.

Our editing team first checks all texts. It is particularly important that the work is complete and meets scientific requirements. If you have any questions, the team will contact the author directly. After the examination, the texts appear first as an e-book, the print edition follows a little later.

GRIN authors can order discounted copies of their books at any time via their account.

With our premium services, you can improve the look and quality of your books – and thus their sales opportunities. An overview of the different possibilities can be found here.

Do you have questions or need support?

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Make more of your books

With our premium services, you can improve the quality of your books – and thus their sales opportunities.

Find what you're looking for

Research for scientific topics in over 200,000 high-quality publications.

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WITH GRIN, it's easyto make materials and scripts available to your students permanently – as an e-book and printed book!

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Teaching materials
for teachers

Lesson preparation made easy: At GRIN you will find detailed lesson drafts including lesson sketches and materials for each school subject.

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Research Consultants

More than 200,000 specialist publications directly from the university – Find out about the latest research and survey results from your industry with GRIN Verlag.

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About GRIN

GRIN is your reliable partner in the research of specialist information as well as the worldwide publication of scientific works.

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