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At GRIN, you can download high-quality
Specialist publications on current topics
fast and convenient down

At GRIN you will find cutting-edge studies

At GRIN you will find up-to-date research results on numerous topics. Our authors develop recommendations for action for current problems. You also have access to scientifically sound research, surveys, expert interviews and statistics at GRIN. This way, you will always be up-to-date on all important topics.

How GRIN supports you in your research

Always the latest research results

Stay informed in your field of expertise

GRIN publishes academic knowledge directly from the university. This way you will always find the latest research results from your field of expertise.

Fast and uncomplicated access

Your wire to universities worldwide

GRIN facilitates research with a clear shop, a targeted topic search and research in similar books. So you can quickly find what you are looking for.

Latest surveys and empirical data

Use the knowledge from scientific studies

How do values change in society or in a particular target group? At GRIN, you have access to up-to-date and wide-ranging survey results.

More than 200,000 texts from over 100 fields

Research on general and highly specialized topics

Take advantage of our wide range of publications. At GRIN you will find everything from general overviews to specific individual topics.

Download e-books immediately

Our e-books are available for direct download

You can download our e-books as often as you like right after purchase in all available formats. Saving and printing is no problem either.

Successful authors - satisfied customers:

5 Sterne Bewertung
All TOP! The selection, the price/performance ratio, the overview in the shop and the delivery speed... leave no wishes to be desired.
5 Sterne Bewertung
The offer as a whole is very interesting, order and delivery worked very well. You would like to write yourself and offer it for sale. The concept is conclusive. Continue to have success and all the best.
5 Sterne Bewertung
There's nothing to complain about. The website is very clear. I received the invoice and download link for the eBook promptly.
5 Sterne Bewertung
The paperback arrived on time as prescribed and was in perfect condition. The customer service is accommodating and friendly.
5 Sterne Bewertung
The publication of treatises on very specific topics is an enormous help in the search for literature. Purchase and delivery also run smoothly. Thank you very much.

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    GRIN offers you a wide and high-quality selection of academic publications. Find out more about our selection process and our quality standards!

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    About GRIN

    GRIN is your reliable partner for the publication of specialised knowledge, as well as for the worldwide publication of academic texts.

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